In Search of the Perfect Bite.

…what facebook didn't mention.

Catch-up, Ketchup

  • 140 Conference was so much fun! I definitely recommend anyone with an interest in tech to attend the next conference. Thx again @jeffpulver for the ticket. Was great networking for @valleygirlshow
  • Books Books BOOKS. I have the reading bug. Any suggestions?
  • Interview with Financial Advisory firm on Tuesday…
  • My mom won a trip to Live in the Vinyard. So excited to be her +1!
  • Halloween FUN w/ roomies. Alice in Wonderland theme! Still trying to find person that smashed my pumpkin…
Alice in Wonderland

Alice & Cheshire Cat & Queen of Hearts


140 Character Conference

Very excited for the twitter conference on October 27-28! Thanks to twitter and @jeffpulver I was able to get a ticket….very exciting. Check out the site:

If you will be heading to the conference tweet @natashafischer and we can meet up :o)

Opportunity Knocks…

The Valley Girl: (tweet @valleygirlshow)

“I was so stressed that day with all that I had to do. I’d wished that someone would fall out of the sky to help”- Jesse Draper, CEO/Founder The Valley Girl

It was Friday night and I had just attended Hollywood 2.0. I was hustling back to town the other side of LA to make it to a dinner I had promised friends I would attend. Halfway through devouring my delicious taco from El Gringo, I started talking about Hollywood 2.0 and my interest in Social Media. Jesse Draper, my friend’s girlfriend, heard me say the magic words ‘social media’ and from there we hit it off. I’m 100% comfortable admitting that I am not a social media expert. I’m not even close. I know how to blog, twitter, facebook, and download torrents. (WOW!) nothing special in tech world. Despite this, Jesse was and is completely drawn by my interst and drive in the social media field, enough so that she offered me a position to help her market her web tv series The Valley Girl.

So what is the valley girl? Well in a Legally Blond nutshell:

“it’s like totally awesome interviews, with like totally smart business people like the CEO of Google!”

All I can say I am super excited and can’t wait to help out as much as possible.




(P.S. If you know anyone wth tips on marketing, I’m all ears to learn as much as I can! )

Farewell said the Auditor…

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Hello and Goodbye!

As you may have just guessed, today is my last day…the audit gods have decided that I will fit in better in another career (which I strongly agree with them). I want to thank everyone that I have worked with over the past year, and most of all thank Daddy D for introducing me to my best friends as well as some amazing memories. D&T has taught me a lot of great things (one of which being about to properly speak tickmark in addition to being able to work 15 hour days for 3 months straight). I think my next move will be in a more social career, one involving less 10-key and more enjoyment possibly in marketing/social media/PR.

On a serious note, I really believe DT is a great stepping stone, and hope that it has sufficiently prepared me as well as you, for what’s to come next. I appreciate the learning experiences I have gained and I hope to stay in touch with everyone who has made a positive impact in my life over these past 15 months. Please email me at my personal email or contact me @ 805 xxx xxxx.

Don’t forget to checkout all my websites:

For Fun:

About Me: <–this ones real good.

Take care and miss you !

Thanks to

Thanks to I won a free pass to New Noise in Santa Barbara this weekend. Super stoked! Know anyone that is going? Let me know because so far i’m a one float parade! Would love to connect =)

What is New Noise (taken from

About New Noise Santa Barbara

New Noise brings together music industry professionals, music technology professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, artist managers, agents, producers, lawyers, publishers, and fans. Anyone interested in the convergence of art, commerce and technology will benefit from the creative, educational, and networking opportunities that NEW NOISE presents. Plus: We like to party, so expect that too.

Visit the offical site of New Noise HERE.

In Search of the Perfect Bite

In search of the perfect bite. Please clarify//okay…

//in search of the perfect bite of LIFE.